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Negative Ion Generator Owner's Manual- All IG- series models except 12 volt model

Please read all instructions and warnings furnished with the ionizer carefully before using.

Use of your Ion GeneratorInstalling the ion emitter into the IG-133A negative ion generator

  1. Insert the ion emitter; simply plug it into the opening in the top of the ionizer. Push straight in; do not twist. If necessary, gently bend the wires so that the tips are about 1 inch apart and at least 1 inch above the top of the ionizer. Leave emitter in place.
  2. Place the unit in an open area of the room, away from other objects or walls.
  3. Plug in your unit; you'll see the light on the front glow.
  4. If you almost touch the ion emitter with your ear, you should hear a faint hiss. You should also feel a movement of air while you are near the tips of the ion emitter. When it is dark, turn out the lights, and after a few minutes (when your eyes become accustomed to the dark) you may be able to see a small pinpoint blue glow on the tips of the emitter. The glow will intensify as you move your hand close, and disappear for a few seconds if you touch it. Your Negative Ion Generator is doing its job.
  5. Now walk away and enjoy the benefits of negative ions!
  6. To keep your ion generator working at peak efficiency, trim the ends of the SSE emitter wires back 1/16" about once a month (once every 3 months for the new SSE emitters). A pair of wire cutters works fine. Just hold it over a wastebasket and trim off the worn ends of the ion emitter wires.
    Trimming is never necessary for the optional CFE emitter.
  7. Do not burn candles while an ionizer is in operation. Wax may build up on the emitter and other surfaces.
  8. Keep the unit clean!


NOTE: This is an abbreviated version of the one that comes with the negative ion generator, we suggest you read the printed manual even if you have read this page.


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