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Some unsolicited quotes from a few of our satisfied ionizer customers.

"Last year you donated an IG-133A to my classroom. I am writing to once again thank you and let you know of the positive affects of your unit in my classroom. Due to the typical set up of a classroom I was unable (and unwilling) to place the generator in the middle of the room. The only safe space for the unit to be placed was behind my desk. I immediately felt as though I felt better and the air seemed "cleaner" around my desk. While that could have been somewhat of a placebo effect, I can certainly say that much dust collected in the immediate area of the unit. Of much interest is also the fact that my students always wanted to eat lunch sitting around my desk. This could also be attributed to other factors, however, it is unusual and it has never happened before any of my classrooms. I can only imagine the positive affects that a negative ion generator could have in my classroom if it was able to distribute negative ions over a larger area.
Thank you again."
Mr. R. A. - 4th Grade Teacher - Savannah, GA

"Highly recommended. These people care about their customers and it shows! : )"
Mr. J. K., St. Petersburg, FL

"Hi, I received the Negative-Ion generator, I was very impressed with the documentation and the ease of the unit, just plug it in, place the pin thing [ion emitter] in the machine etc.. I have noticed that I have not gotten up every morning with my usual sinus pressure since I started using the generator, and that is great!"
Mr. R. S., California

"I am POSITIVE that these things work. I am a chemist ... I'm sleeping better and have just a general feeling of well-being. Your packaging was marvelous- info about the product, clear concise directions, ion detector. ion emitter. PLUS your website is easy to navigate and very user friendly. Thanks!"
Ms. J. T, Oklahoma

"Great! excellent product-great price. Fast Shipment. well packed. I 'm very pleased."
Mr. B. W., San Leandro, CA

"I'm a terrible ionizer skeptic, because there are so many bad units out there, and yes, I've probably owned at least one of each over the past twenty-odd years.
"I've been using one of your ionizers for about two years now, and wouldn't be without it. It's next to me when I work, and next to me when I sleep. (It travels. Yes, I need a second one!)
"The air stays fresher, and I feel better both physically and psychologically. It's a wonderful piece of equipment.
"I recently read that serotonin levels are increased by negative ion intake, and wonder if, having Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, I haven't managed to avoid anti-depressants because the air around me stays appropriately ionized.
"Thank you so much for a superior product!"
Mrs. S.A., California

"Thanks, I have received the ionizers and I am delighted. They are [working] right now."
Mr. G. T., Illinois

"The two ion machines I got yesterday sure did clean up the air in here! Better than any ionizer I have bought in the past. I have allergies, and I could tell a difference immediately, well, maybe I should say a few hours. The two machines worked even though the square footage you claim they cover is less than the area I actually have. The odor in my apartment is completely gone! And I can breathe better now even without opening a window like I used to. I'm ordering two of your DustGrabbbers and a car ionizer. I'd like to resell your ion machines and make a few bucks for myself in the process."
Mr. W. H., Texas

"I was skeptical when I ordered the first one, and said 'we'll see'. My wife no longer wakes up with sinus headaches in the morning, and I don't have that hacking cough. They're doing something. I want to order two more."
Mr. O. S., Missouri

"EXCELLENT communication. FAST shipping. Product is as described."
Mr. J.J., Greencastle, Indiana

"Well, I have decided then to keep the unit [IG-133A] and recommend you to others. Your prompt and honest replies have been appreciated. I am QUITE relieved to have a neg ion generator again. I feel much better, sleep better and feel mentally sharper. There is NO WAY I would continue to live here in Vegas without one of these."
Mr. J. F., Las Vegas, NV

"This is a great product. I already ordered one and was astonished that it actually prevented guests from having allergic reactions to my cat. I'm impressed."
Mr. P. G., New York, NY

"The first unit I bought about a year ago is working flawlessly! I need a second one for another room."
Mr. S. B., Spring, TX

"I put the negative ion box in our bedroom and it has been there since. For the past two mornings Jeff and I have woke up with clear heads! No stuffiness! You have my endorsement and it really works! Best wishes and Thanks a lot!
Mrs. D. S., Cygnet, Ohio

"Thank you for your personalized service and an excellent product."
Mr. J. G., Davenport, Iowa

"I have been using your ionizer for a couple months now, and my allergies are much improved. I really noticed the difference when a guest accidentally squashed the [ SSE ion] emitter wires down to the surface and I unplugged the unit for a few days until I could get around to re-shaping them. My allergies returned with a vengeance, prompting me to make time to fix the emitter! After a day with the ionizer back up and running, I was back to 'better'. I would estimate 'better' to be about an 80% reduction in symptoms, which I find very pleasing."
Mr. D. H., Kent, Washington

"I feel so energized! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Mr. S. A., Arlington, Virginia

"I let the unit operate for several weeks with the standard emitter (now in the closet), and then decided to switch over to the [CFE] long-life emitter. The unit continues to do a fabulous job in keeping the air in my office fresh and non-stale. I used to periodically get somewhat low; and sometimes it has been to the extent that I had an unbearable urge to run away and escape from this electronic nightmare --outside to fresh air and a stroll. Now, its actually pleasant to spend time in the office, with this neat and very quiet ionizer."
B. H., Boone, North Carolina

"Since placing your ionizer in the room where our cat stays, my visiting son-in-law who is allergic to cats had NO allergic symptoms for the first time. In the past, I vacuumed and cleaned thoroughly before he and my daughter came to stay for a few days, but it didn't help him. It's great!"
Mrs. E. M., Bowling Green, Ohio

"It works great on cigar smoke. House no longer smells like dump fire!!!. I bought one of your ionizers from a friend, he ordered two but found he only needed one to get rid of his cat litter box smell."
Mr. P. V., Port Washington, Wisconsin

"I would like to thank you for the ionizer. It arrived last week and it's working fine. So much so I think I'll need to clean it cause the box is already covered in very fine grey dust. And the other thing I noticed was in the first few days I was really struggling to get up from bed in the morning, but that has changed now for the better. I think in the near future I'd like to order the CF emitters. Until then, my regards."
Mr. G. S., Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

"Bought it for my neighbor. She swears it is a good thing, so thank you."
Mr. A. S., Provo, Utah

"I put in the old emitter and spread the wires about 1 inch apart. Everything seems good. I asked my daughter if she noticed any difference. She said she didn't know, but she slept until 10 am in the morning. She usually has a hard time sleeping."
Mr. J.D., Van Hornesville, New York

"Thank you for several things:  1. Products received per your schedule. 2. Products in good shape and as advertised. 3. Within 2 days there was a remarkable improvement in my abode (I'm a smoker). 4. As a test I blew some tobacco ash on my tv screen. Instead of sticking to it, within a few seconds they were flicked back at me (nice touch). 5. I appreciated all the verifications and followup e-mail msgs. I presume this is part of your business policy. If so, it's a darn good one. 6.Some years ago I tried other products from damark that proved to be junk and kept me out of the market for some time. Thanks again for providing a personal touch in this digital world."
"The unit in use is the IG-033 ionizer and it is located 5ft 3in from the video screen. The improvement I noticed is that my breathing is better and that visible dust and smoke particles disappear very quickly. I have forgotten the brand name of the previous ion generator I had, but it had a platform rectangular shape approx 3 times the dimensions of the IG - 033 and was probably twice as high with a full width inlet about one inch high for the full width of the unit. I'm sorry I can't remember more, it's been 5 or 6 years since I threw it out. I will keep our transactions on file for future use. Thank you for your nice response."
Mr. D.T., Silverdale, Washington

"Sunday I wasn't feeling terrific. But when I was sitting [near an IG-033 ionizer], all of a sudden, at about 3:30, I noticed how good I was feeling: energetic, calm, alert, and strangely a little bit lightheaded. Don't know if your ion generator had anything to do with it, but who knows. Anyway, we've been using it here, and next week I plan to use it at work."
Mr. D.W., Toledo, OH

"My allergies are better than they have been in over 15 years since installing the negative ion generators in our home and office."
Mrs. K.W., Mansfield, MO

These are all unsolicited comments.
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